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Water features

Water features

Treat yourself to your own small garden paradise Water plants are extremely popular in the today's horticulture. Boring, large lawns which need much maintenance are transformed into beautiful, easy-care water landscapes. Many people enjoy their own little paradise each day… in their own garden!

Pollution free and custom-made water plants can be developed everywhere. Like conventional green plants water landscapes become more attractive with increasing age as well. Hardly another investment contributes more to the increase in value of your real estate.

The pondless waterfall:

  • Great alternative to a front garten pond. Is also usable where only a small place is available
  • Perfect for public places, e.g. foyers, playgrounds, stroking zoos etc., thus everywhere where the danger for a pond would be too big
  • Practical maintenance-free! Here and then refill the water reservoire, to replace evaporated water
  • With a time switch clock to controll e.g. with holidays or for the day/night usage.

A beautiful, natural pond:

Escape the stresses of everyday life and relax in your own water landscape. Recover from a hectic day, enjoy yourself with the reassuring sound of a waterfall. You will be delighted as well and see the construction of the waterfall system as the best investment you have ever made

A cosy water play in your garden:

Infinite possibilities with various accessories.