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Why backyards?

Dear Golf  Friend ,

If  You dream of your own Putting Green or a golfing facility at your home, allows you to putt some Ball at any time and do the Chipping with a natural movement, and you can reduce the Handicap of a golfer in the long term.

Our experienced Team designs and installs for You in the Garden, on the Terrace - indoor and outdoor - according to your ideas : to Putting, Chipping,  with Bunker or Target Gren - You say where, Backyards kno how.

The latest Artificial Grass Tecnology let the ball roll perfectly in any direction, like a natural lawn.  The Artificial Grass is weather- resistence, requires almost n maintence and has a long life.

Any desired surface , shape and conour possible

  • The Ball rolls like on a natural lawn
  • Playable like a natural green
  • Highest quality on the market